Elizabethton City Schools ESSER 3.0 Survey
Elizabethton City Schools is receiving approximately $5.66 million as part of the federal American Rescue Plan for schools. We are seeking public feedback on our proposed application to the Tennessee Department of Education for federal ESSER 3.0 funds. This survey is seeking your feedback and suggestions as to best budget these funds. The law requires that the funds be budgeted in the following categories:

1. Addressing Learning Loss: Coordinators, Summer, Supplemental After School, and Tutoring
2. Addressing Learning Acceleration: Summer, Supplemental After School, and Tutoring
3. Addressing Facility Needs and Deferred Maintenance/Infrastructure
4. Purchasing Education Technology (including hardware, software, and connectivity)
5. Addressing the Unique Needs of Special Populations
6. School Facility Repairs
7. Providing Mental Health Supports
8. High Quality Instructional Materials for Math Adoption
9. High Quality Instructional Materials for Early Literacy
10. Public Health Coordination and Protocols
11. Conducting Other Necessary Activities
12. Indirect Cost
13. Administrative Cost

ECS proposed use of ESSER 3.0 funds:
• LEARNING LOSS PROVISIONS - school-based intervention programs, class size reduction
• WHOLE STUDENT SUPPORTS - counseling, mental health therapy, behavioral and attendance support
• FACILITY IMPROVEMENTS – additional classrooms at TAD
• INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS – literacy, math, and SPED materials
• OTHER NECESSARY ACTIVITIES - instructional technology support

We value your input. Thank you in advance for participating in this short survey. Responses will be due by 4 p.m. on Monday, July 5, 2021.
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