School Perception Survey
Jackson Heights is interested to hear how you perceive your school system. Please answer the following questions to help us serve you better. No question is required, and you may skip any that you are not comfortable answering.
My child attends the following school: (If your children attend more than one schools, please complete a separate survey for each building.)
When I walk into the school, I feel invited and that the school is a place I "belong."
The school's policies and programs reflect, respect, and value the diversity of the families in the community.
Students at the school are treated fairly no matter what their race or cultural background.
I feel informed of and welcome at PTO and other parent group meetings.
The school keeps all families informed about important issues and events.
The school makes it easy for families to communicate with teachers.
The school communicates with families in multiple ways (email, phone, text, website, etc.)
I can talk to the school principal when I need to and he or she responds to my questions in a timely manner.
My child's teacher communicates with me on a regular basis.
It is easy to get an interpreter if I need one or translated documents if I need them.
My child's teacher keeps me well-informed about how my child is doing in school.
I understand the academic standards my child is supposed to meet and how the curriculum is linked to those standards.
My child's teacher and the school give me useful information about how to improve my child's progress.
All students are challenged to do their best.
If the school can't help me, they can connect me to someone who can.
I understand the school's rules and requirements for student dress, language, and behavior.
The school keeps me informed of my rights under federal and state laws and policies and helps me exercise those rights as needed.
I feel empowered to advocate for my own child's and other children's success in school.
The school consults with me and other families before making important decisions (changes in curriculum, school policies, and dress code).
The school provides opportunities for families to develop relationships and raise concerns with school leaders, public officials, and business and community leaders.
The school connects students, families, and staff to expanded learning opportunities, community services, and community improvement initiatives.
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