C101 - Human Interaction
Interaction is a kind of action that occurs as two or more objects have an effect upon one another.
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How many years have you been at the company?
How many people at your company do you know?
How many people at your company know you?
How many levels up your management chain do you know your manager by name (first name and last name)?
How many non-engineers did you say Hi to today?
If you had a choice, how many days per week would you rather work from home than from the office?
I often agree with my team members on important decisions taken by my team.
I am usually one of the first people on my team to hear about important news related to our team.
I know pretty well what each person on my team was working on this week.
This week, I handed out compliments at work to roughly this many people:
On the topic of effectively interacting with other humans, I would rate my mastery at:
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