Colossalcon Texas 2021 Panel Submission Form
If you would prefer to run/fill out your panel submission in Spanish, please use the form found here:
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If you have privacy concerns and would like us to not use your real name in our program materials then please provide us with an alias below. Your alias must be two words and should be the same across all of your panel submissions. Thanks :)
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Panel or event host's email (for contact/verification purposes) Please use the same email for all of your panel submissions.
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Describe your panel to us.
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A shorter description of your panel which will appear publicly. Please keep it to 1 - 3 sentences.
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How long will your panel/event last? Please be sure to factor in that it takes roughly 5-10 minutes to set up a panel and you need to be out of the room in time for the next panel.
Intended Audience: *
What is the age group of your panel? Please be sure you read and understand the policies regarding 18+ and all ages events.
Preferred Days *
Which days will you be at the convention and able to run your event?
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What time of day would you like to run your panel?
Schedule Conflicts:
Are you (or additional panelists) in another panel or event? Are you entering the cosplay events? Is there another event that you don't want to miss? Let us know!
Additional info
Is there anything else you'd like us to know about the times you'd like to run your panel?
What type of seating do you need for your event? *
Which rooming arrangement would you like for your event? Most events are theater seating, unless you have a special setup.
Do you have a laptop computer to run your presentation off of? We strongly discourage using tablets, phones, or any device without an HDMI or VGA video output.
Tech Requirements:
All rooms have a projector with HDMI and VGA inputs, as well as a PA system with 2-4 microphones. Please list any additional needs below.
Questions or Concerns:
Anything else you'd like to add or ask?
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