EE Needs in Response to COVID-19
EENC is here for you. COVID-19 has caused a lot of chaos for you, your programs, and your families and friends. How are you being impacted? What are you worrying about? How can we help you?

We want to help you, but we want to make sure whatever we're doing actually meets your needs both as a person and as an environmental education professional. All responses to this survey are being collected anonymously. You can write as long or as short of a response to whichever questions you choose. As nonprofit writer Vu Le recently shared, it's OK to be not OK. Please tell us what's on your mind so we can try to help.

If you want to share your feedback in another way, please contact Executive Director Lauren Pyle at or by phone or text at 984-999-1702.
What are you most worried about right now professionally?
What are you most worried about right now personally?
What tools/resources would help you the most right now (personally or professionally)?
How is your program or workplace being impacted by COVID-19?
Are there any other ways EENC can help you?
What kinds of news do you want to hear from EENC during this rapidly changing time?
What are you googling right now? Resources for nonprofits? Updates from the governor? Online learning opportunities for students? Spring wildflower photos? We're currently sharing news and resources through direct emails, newsletters, and Facebook; we're also continuing to share nature photos on Instagram. If you need/want communication through a different channel, please let us know that as well!
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