The Challenge Room

Your challenge is far more than just a “get-fit” gig which is why this is a ONE SIZE FITS ALL kinda challenge... We'll be practicing a few mindful personal development techniques to support clean living, all around.

Group meditation starts at 9:00 AM EST but of course you're free to do it on your own time and use any meditation you'd like but if you want to use the series we're using, just check the chat in the morning to find the link!

....& my digital studio, Morning Movement class begins at 10 AM EST, MONDAY-FRIDAY but of course you’re welcome to stream your workout through the BOD app on your own time if the class conflicts with your schedule!

We also have support meetings in the evenings so if you'd like to join those let me know and I'll send you the link!

All sessions with me are streamed through zoom and those links will be posted in the groups about 20 minutes before session.

This challenge is a 21 day yoga challenge with meditation & movement for ALL 21 days! Again, challengers are welcome to stream different choice workouts or programs through the BOD app & still be challenge acceptable.

Just a few supported beneficials of a good 30 minute workout every morning...

- Stress reduction
- Better sleep
- Mood Stabilizer
- Increased Energy
- More positive social interactions
- Aid in healing damaged cells in the body & brain from active addiction
- Reduces urges & creates a healthy, energy re-channeling system to add to your life's program
- DOPAMINE rushes... ENDORPHIN chasing motivation

Some detailed info below with a FEW package options to choose from but if you’re interested in checking out a larger selection just say the word and I’m there.

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