Band Absence Request Form
Current 9-11th graders must complete this form for excusal prior to May 25th.

Use this form to submit requests for approval of any absences from band events. . All camps dates are mandatory unless it has been pre-approved by the director. We ask that vacations and summer events be planned around summer band camps when possible. This form can be submitted by STUDENTS OR PARENTS. Absences may need to be verified with parents.

Submit one form per absence event. An absence event can include one or more days if the absence is form the same event(example would be a trip resulting in student missing multiple days) If there is a reoccurring absence or partial absence, please fill out only one form(example: work, school sports)

ABSENCES FROM PERFORMANCES must be submitted a minimum of ONE MONTH IN ADVANCE, All Performances (Exhibitions, Football Games, Competitions and Concerts) are mandatory except in cases of family wedding or death in the family. Vacations of any kind whether or not they are excused by the school will not be excused unless they were scheduled before May 25th 2019 and reported by the end of the 2018-2019 school year. Absences due to medical reasons will require documentation(doctors note, quick care note, prescription receipt) If the student is not in school, they are still responsible for the performance unless they submit the form.

ABSENCES FROM REHEARSALS and NON- PERFORMANCE Events must be submitted a minimum of 48 before the START of the event. All reasons will be considered, flexibility will be shown to band members who are generally present, prepared and on task at rehearsals.

Completing this form does not guarantee an excused absence.
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