2019 Maddie's UW/UCD Shelter Medicine Fellowship Application
The Maddie’s UW / UCD fellowship positions were created to help provide shelter veterinarians with additional training to help them deliver life-saving knowledge and services to our nation’s homeless pets.

Attendance is required at a one week fellowship training ‘Shelter Medicine Intensive’ to work closely with other fellows in the program as well as the UW and UC Davis Shelter Medicine teams and veterinary students. Intensive week this year is August 26- 30, 2019 and will likely be held in Madison, WI. Participation in this training is a requirement of the fellowship.

Please have all 5 documents to upload prepared when completing this application (CV, letter of intent, project proposal, letter of support from shelter management and letter of reference). You will be able to save/edit your application but incomplete applications will not be considered.

Questions regarding the Maddie's UW/UCD Shelter Medicine fellowship program and application can be sent to uwsheltermedicine@vetmed.wisc.edu.

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Veterinary Degree *
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Other post-graduate degrees/certifications
Continuing education related to shelter medicine in the last 3 years (conference name): *
Professional association memberships and role (e.g. member at large, board member, grand poohbah):
Name of shelter you are most closely associated with: *
Brief description of shelter (e.g public, private, annual intake and daily population, species handled) and location *
Your role at shelter (e.g. volunteer, part/full time employee, contract services) and brief description of duties (e.g. spay/neuter, shelter medicine, management, species you work with): *
Please list any other shelters you currently work with routinely (if any), role and scope of activities as above:
Other relevant professional activities we should know about:
Describe how you intend to use and share your newfound knowledge. We hope that Fellows will share some of what they’ve learned in the fellowship through either didactic or practical means. How might you be inclined to do this (e.g., a lecture to a local VMA or shelter group, a cage modification workshop for local shelters, training senior students on externships at the shelter)?: *
Please attach your current CV *
Letter of intent: Please attach a letter of intent describing why you are interested in the fellowship, how you hope it will benefit animals in your community in the near and/or long term future, further details on any of the answers above you feel need clarification, and anything else you think we should know as we consider your application. Please keep it to 1 page maximum. *
Project Plan: Please attach a brief description of a project you think you would like to undertake during your Fellowship. Your project can involve research, practical applications, etc., and focus on an aspect of interest to you with relevance to your home base shelter. You will have the resources of University of Wisconsin and UC Davis generally available to you and you may decide to change your project plan after beginning fellowship and discussing with mentors. Your project needs largely to be conducted in your regular place of employment (or the shelter you generally work with). Please keep it to 1 page maximum. *
Is management at this shelter supportive of your participation in the fellowship? *
Please attach a letter of support from shelter management or supervisor. (If management is not supportive, but please attach a letter explaining how your participation in the fellowship may benefit this shelter or others in spite of management’s not being supportive): *
Please attach a letter of reference for primary fellow applicant. *
Thank you for applying! *
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