Family Food Foto Contest Entry
Make a meal or healthy snack with your family and take a photo of the fun! Submit your entry by January 30, 2017 using this Google Form and a member of the Week of the Family Staff will contact you for the photo. By February 2, our Week of the Family team of teen judges will select photos for awards for adults (ages 18-99) and kids (ages 2-17).
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Category for which you are submitting this entry
You may submit your entry to multiple categories, but each entry may only be selected to win in one category.
Write a brief description of this entry, including what makes this Family Food Foto special to you.
You may also include a recipe if you wish to share it with other San Carlans. Just make sure to site the source for the recipe.
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Last Name
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First Names of Each Participant
You may include all family members who shared in the creation of this dish
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Email address where you prefer to be contacted about this entry
A Week of the Family volunteer will send you an email and you will attach the photo of your entry to your reply since there is no place to attach your photo to this form.
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Sample Entry: Locals' Only Persimmon Salsa sourced from our famous town persimmon trees and our friendly Trader Joe's
By San Carlos School District Staff
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