Txilixia's Gfx Commission
Please fill out this form and remember to DM me first on insta. BEFORE you fill out this form look at my hightlights where it says "gfx info"
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1. What is your roblox username? (for the gfx) *
2. What is your insta acc? (to identify you) *
3. What theme do you want? (color or holiday) *
4. What's your time zone? (If you don't know search it up, it's just so that I know when you can talk and I won't disturb you! :D ) *
5. Do you want Simple or Advanced gfx? (Can see the prices in my highlights "gfx info") *
IF you want simple gfx, what color background do you want? (SIMPLE GFX ONLY)
6. What textures do you want your avatar to have? *
7. What pose do you want your avatar to do? (What is your person doing?) *
8. Do you want any animals/pet? If yes which one?
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The next few questions will be promises like "Do you agree.." types of questions! Answer honestly!!
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