Open and Clear, Academy: Illumination-Team Application Form
PLEASE READ: This is a short application for the Open and Clear, Academy Illumination-Team of class test-subjects. A group of 10-15 interested students that will be offered free access to our newest classes in exchange of joining 1 to 3 recorded group Question and Answer sessions for the specific class you have participated in. Please do not fill this out if you are not serious about participating in at least one class and do not intend to participate in the Q&A session. A member of the Open and Clear Team will be in contact with you regarding your acceptance on the team, please be patient regarding this acceptance process. Not answering these accurately will influence your acceptability. We will not share your information with anyone outside of our team.

Also being an active member of this group will grandfather you into our members-only program in an upcoming year. That's right, when the membership only program starts, for those active in this group will not be required to pay the recurring fee to participate in the Academy EVER, an additional "Thank You" for your assistance and participation.

If you are looking for a discount instead of the required participation of this team, please apply for that separately here:

There are additional forms to request Rev. Devan for an interview, teaching arrangements, prayer or healing services, discounts on courses, propose a new program or to perform a wedding. Please read the list on the contact page at

"Excited about the Academy's progress, no greater joy do I have then fulfilling my purpose here. " ~ Rev. Devan Jesse Byrne
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