For discussion at our Anthropology & Sociology Professional Development Library Workshop.
Question 1
I am a research assistant and have been asked to find material that will trace and summarize the important sociological explanations of the term 'community' – from the very first understandings to recent years. And it’s not supposed to take long!
Can you help?
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Question 2
Find a recent journal article in sociology, anthropology or a related field that gives an overview of, and summarizes what key authors are writing, about any one of these topics: ENVIRONMENTAL GOVERNANCE | EQUALITY LAWS | CULTURAL STUDIES | CHILDHOOD | EMOTION | MENTAL HEALTH
pick the topic that interests you most, or fill in the blank with your own choice
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Question 3
a) What is Judith Butler's most influential work? b) How have feminist sociologists citing this work written about posthumanism in recent years?
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Question 4
I have come across the following article: "The political economy of memory: The challenges of representing national conflict at 'identity-driven' museums". How can I find articles that are like-minded, whether in subject or theory?
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Question 5
My supervisor has told me to scour the literature on "the classification of addiction as a mental illness" from a variety of disciplinary perspectives, and in a variety of subject databases. Why am I finding more articles in SocINDEX than in PsycINFO ??
can you offer any advice or tips?
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Question 6
What SUBJECT HEADING can you use in our library catalogue to find all of our ethnographies?
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Question 7
The editors of the Journal of Nature and Science have approached me about my recent successful conference presentation, proposing that I submit it for publication in their journal. How should I proceed?
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Question 8
I’m thinking of using participatory action research as part of my research approach, but I am a bit intimidated by the idea. Where can I find some reputable and accessible sources that can help ease my worries?
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Question 9
How many substantial news articles headlining racist incidents on Halloween can you find in major Canadian newspapers in the last 10 years?
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Question 10
Where can I find an online archive that will tell me what female inmates at Montréal's Asile Sainte-Darie wore in the 1930s?
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Which of the questions above would you most like to see covered at our workshop?
For those who did not answer the October survey: what research topics are you hoping to explore at Concordia?
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