Kealing Magnet (KMAG) Parent Group Opportunities

We are looking for great people, like you, who are interested in helping out with the KMAG group. Most jobs are very minimal in time requirements. We are looking for people to chair the event/item and also for those that just want to help out on the committee.

Are you interested?

Here are descriptions of each committee:

Field Trips:
This committee works with grade-level teachers to coordinate and support the Magnet 6th, 7th and 8th grade class trips. 8th grade also includes graduation and EOY celebration.

KMAG raises funds to support classroom and extracurricular academic activities. An annual fundraising letter is distributed to the Kealing community. Parents are welcome to explore other fundraising opportunities throughout the year.

Showcase/Choice Fair:
This committee supports Kealing’s public outreach at the Magnet Showcase (November) and the AISD Choice Fair (December).

Shadowing :
Students applying to Kealing may shadow to experience what a Kealing school day is like. The Shadowing chairs support the Kealing Magnet office by setting the schedule of visitors. The job is largely done online and takes place in January/February.

New Parent Reception/New Student Registration Committee:
Work with Magnet Director and staff to coordinate volunteer hosts, logistics and refreshments for three new parent receptions held in March while newly admitted students take the math placement exam, and to coordinate volunteers to assist with new student registration two Saturday mornings in March or April.

BookPeople BookFair:
Coordinate with Magnet Director and teachers in May to determine reading lists for the upcoming school year. Coordinate with Book People in May to order copies of the books and to designate a week in September for the books to be purchased (on site at BookPeople) with a percentage of the cost being donated to KMAG.

KMAG Audit Committee:
Review the Treasurer books/records at the end of the school year for compliance

Committee Chair:
Oversee all the KMAG committees and serve as a conduit of information between the individual committees, the Magnet staff/Admin and the KMAG Board

Please contact the KMAG Board with any questions at
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