Psychology Employment Information
For Students who would like to work in the Psychology Department (and have already been asked to work).
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Hopefully your answer is "No" because the Psych department is fined if you have started working without being authorized. If you have started working, for whatever reason, we need to know so that you can be paid for that time. Please indicate the date you started in the next question.
Start date? *
When would you like to begin working? This will be the date that your time sheet is open for you to begin clocking in/out. FYI: The hiring process sometimes can take a few days, so please don't begin working until you are actually authorized. Also, if the date you plan to start working is more than three weeks away, please come back and submit this form closer to the actual time you plan to start working.
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Supervisor *
Typically, this is the instructor or faculty member for whom you will be working.
If you marked "other" on supervisor, type supervisor's Last name, First name. Leave blank otherwise.
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Hourly Wage *
What hourly wage will you be earning? If in doubt, ask your instructor/supervisor. The department standard hourly wage for TA's is $9.00 prior to FERPA training.
Hours per Week *
BYU allows 20 hours per week for all jobs combined (during fall and winter). How many hours is your supervisor wanting you to work weekly?
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Job Description *
Example: TA for Dee Higley's Psych 111 class during Fall 2018 working about 5-7 hours per week.
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Have you ever worked at an on-campus BYU job? *
If you haven't worked on campus you will definitely need to go to student employment with documents to substantiate an I-9 form. If it has been three years or more since you did your original I-9, you will need to do this again.
If you have worked on campus, are you currently working at an on-campus BYU job?
If you are currently working on campus, will you continue to work your current job(s) and this new job?
(BYU allows only three concurrent jobs) FYI: Each of your other current jobs will need to approve this new job. This process can happen more quickly if you call your other employer and ask him/her to approve your new job.
If you are done working your other job(s), and would like to be "transferred out" of one of those jobs and into your new job, please list the exact job you are leaving below.
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Please give any additional details involving concurrent employment below if needed.
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Please acknowledge by typing the information between the quotes: "I understand I am not to begin working until I am authorized by student employment AND the job appears on my Y-Time." This means you will not do the FERPA training, will not attend class, will not attend a lab meeting, will not meet with your supervisor to work in anyway until you are authorized to do so. If you did not understand this rule and have already been working without authorization, please contact Jalene directly. (Contact information below.) *
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Employee Acknowledgement: *
I certify that all the above information is correct, that I meet the necessary minimum requirements for the position for which I am applying.
Please complete and submit this form multiple times for multiple jobs/supervisors. *
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