Southeast Asia Internet Governance Forum
The Ministry of Communication and Informatics of the Republic of Indonesia, along with the Indonesia Internet Governance Forum (ID-IGF) aspire to host the regional-based Southeast Asia Internet Governance Forum (IGF) 2021. The Ministry actively consult advices from the ID-IGF who hosted the Global IGF in 2013. ID-IGF itself is composed of organizations and individuals (i.e. internet community, cellular telecommunication association, network operator, Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials, Indonesian National Police officials, universities, journalists, academics, and the members of youth organizations) who are deeply passionate,  experienced, and qualified of that related to internet issues.

Thus, the Ministry and ID-IGF aim to prepare and engaging with wider stakeholders up to June, ahead of holding the event in July. Therefore, the Ministry and ID-IGF have been initiating a discussion to seek inputs from the members of the Global IGF. Yet most importantly, this event would not be able to fulfill its core objective without diverse inputs from the experts in the region. Henceforth, the Ministry and ID-IGF would like to inquire your inputs regarding our proposed main theme and each of our sub-themes as below:

Potential Theme :
Digital Transformations Towards Southeast Asia Integrated Community - Digital Era

Potential Sub-Theme :
1. ICT Infrastructure  & Cyber Security
#Southeast Asia Information Superhighway #Southeast Asia Computer Emergency Response Team #5G, Interconnection, Microwave, Satellite, IP Domain #Digital Framework  #Digital Standards #Net Neutrality #Emerging Technology #Network Security #Cyber Crime #Digital Sovereignty #Digital Forensic #Digital Resilience #Piracy

2. Human Rights  & Digital Society
#Digital Transformation in Southeast Asia #Digital Right, Piracy and Data Protection #Internet Intermediary Liability: Data Policy, Intellectual Property #Freedom of Expression #Digital Trust #Internet Shutdown #Activity: Work From Home, School From Home, Social Life #Ecommerce & Marketplace #Women in ICT #ICT4Difable #Fakenews, Misinformation, Media Framing #Violent extremism #Child safety online

3. Youth - Innovation & Development
#Southeast Asia Youth IGF #Cross Border Data Flow in Southeast Asia #Innovation & Development #Digital Employment Market #Physical and Mental Wellness #Positive Content #Digital Inheritance #Internet Access: Universal, Quality, Traffic, Cost #Capacity Development Toward Society 5.0 #Digital Literacy & Information Literacy #Capacity Building #Industru 4.0, Smart City, Big Data, Blockchain, AI #Intellectual Property Rights #Digital Technology in Disaster #Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership

The Ministry and ID-IGF would much appreciate if you will be able to submit the inputs and/or feedback by 25 March allowing us more time to correspond with you in refining our proposed theme and sub-themes.

Best regards,
SEA-IGF 2021 Secretariat
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