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1. Please only bid your BEST AND FINAL offer in USD-- to prevent abuse bids cannot be edited or changed.
2. Payment must be made in full within 24 hours before it goes to the second highest bidder, invoice will be sent through to the submitted email via Shopify. Shipping fees may apply if you are located outside of the USA.
3. Please only bid what you can, bids cannot be revoked once placed!
4. All bidders and bids for this auction will be kept anonymous and private. You will only be contacted if you win or are a runner up!
5. Suspicious or malicious behavior will not be tolerated and may result in a ban or bid being nullified without warning
6. Please read the entire form before bidding! 💕
Auction Information
This Auction is for ONE PAIR of Customized Ears!
-No additional exceptions such as tails, this is just for one pair of ears!
-Design or species of your choice within reason, please have a back-up design just in case. Artistic liberty is always available! Recent customs were an adorable Baby Fox and a festive Pine Marten!
-You make take up to two weeks to plan your ears. Design elements must be do-able and within reason, we will discuss it over email. If an agreement cannot be made, you will be refunded and the slot will pass to the runner-up.
-Make time will depend on the complexity of the Custom. Range will be between 2-4 weeks after I am moved in, granted that no additional elements need to be specially ordered.
-I will not remake any past custom, OOAK, ears over 4” (excluding bunny) or exclusive design
-You may choose to keep your ears private from social media postings, however please be aware that all my work is kept in my portfolio for professional viewing only

-Auction closes for bids March 12th, Tuesday at 10AM PST

**IMPORTANT** The processing time will be longer than usual and is dependent on my move. I will be available to work with you on the planning process right away per usual, but I will not be able to start on them until after the 18th as I’m moving into a new workspace and I want to dedicate my full attention to your custom! I will keep you updated, this extra time could be used if you need to decide or think on what you’d like

Please note auctions help keep us afloat and upgrade our equipment! Thank you!

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