PCHS Parent Feedback Survey about Trimester 1
Welcome PCHS Parent! Trimester 2 has begun and we would like to make sure it is the best it can be! In order to do that we really need your feedback about Trimester 1!

Please take a few minutes to fill out the survey below. If you have more than one student you can fill this survey out more than once or combine your feedback to this one submission.
What grade level(s) are your PCHS student(s) in? (Please select all that apply) *
Which of these describes how your child has participated in school from October 12th- November 13th? *
Please indicate your level of agreement with the following statements concerning connectedness & support. *
I know what health and safety guidelines have been implemented at PCHS
I know that PCHS often communicates about school events through their Facebook page
I know who to contact if my child has a problem accessing an assignment or school program
I know who to reach out to at PCHS if I have questions or concerns
I feel that I can easily get in touch with my child's teachers if I need to
Which have been the biggest challenges for your child this year? (Select all that apply) *
Referring to the question about the biggest challenges for your child this year, what could PCHS do to help? *
Which best matches your belief about your child's experience so far this year? (select one) *
The amount of communication from the child's teachers was: *
The amount of information the school has communicated has been: *
What is your preference for communication from Teachers? Choose your top preference! *
What is your preference for communication from the school? Choose your top preference! *
What is PCHS currently doing well to support you? *
What isn't going well? We look forward to improving! *
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