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  To all parents : Please check and fill in the entire form carefully. This application form accepts only 1 applicant each time. Sign up again If you have two or more applicants even if the guardian comes along with their youth(s). Please refer the 'Event outline' to get to know what Digi-Lab does for kids to learn and expand their creativity.

  保護者の皆様へ: すべての項目をよくお読みになり、理解・同意いただいた上で入力お願いします。特に肖像権使用や責任条項については重要です。




Name of the participant and his/hers age and Male or Female. Please write all the members if more than 2 persons. ex.) Tom Cruise (13/M), Justin Bieber(12/M)          参加者の氏名、(年齢/性別) 参加者が複数いる場合は全員分を記入して下さい。    記入例)山田太郎(11/男)、沖縄花子(10/女) *
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School of the participant *
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Name of the guardian *
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Mobile Phone number of the guardian *
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email address of the guardian. *
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I agree to pay 5000yen for food. This is REQUIRED for participation. *
I agree with the event policy that encourages establshing friendship amongst the participants and also agree with the payment of 5000yen at the reception. イベントの主旨である参加者どうしの親睦の観点を理解し、食費として5000円の費用を受け付けにて支払うことを同意します。
Optional ; Stay at OIST Seaside house /選択可 OISTでの宿泊希望について *
#Optional; Do you like to attend the Party on the Day2? (for only adults / ¥3,500 / Starts at 20:00) *
Who attends the party?
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