COVID-19 in Schenectady County
How has the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak changed your life?
COVID-19, also known as coronavirus, has become a worldwide pandemic. First and foremost a health crisis, coronavirus is also impacting the global economy, as well as the everyday lives of countless individuals.

Schenectady County Historical Society wants to hear from you about how you, your family, and your communities are being affected. Please tell us your story so we can add your voice to the history of our area- for future generations to look back on and better understand this historic period.

Please use this form to share your story with us.

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Things to think about for your story:
When did you first become aware of the disease?
What were your first thoughts or feelings?
Have you ever experienced an outbreak or situation like this before?
What are your biggest concerns right now?
What brings you joy or comfort right now?
How have you prepared or responded to the situation? How are the people around you responding?
In 100 years, what do you want people to know about what is happening today?
How has COVID-19 affected you? Share your story:
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