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S@aifur's Courses: 1.Spoken for beginners: For the beginning level of learns. 2. Spoken for all : for all levels o learners . It covers vocabulary, sentence making, grammar, pronunciation, phonetics,presentation, conversation,public speech,listening , understanding english movies, BBC world, CNN and so forth 3. Advanced Spoken : For nprofessional and advanced level students specially who want to develop their career. IELTS(Academic): For students (7+ band score guarantee) IELTS (GT=General Training): For immigration (7+ band score guarantee) 1.Basic Writing: after taking this course: Students will be able to write a paragraph, a letter , an essay or composition like their mother tongue. 2. Job Writing: For all kinds of job applicants. It covers all kinds of written questions of BCS/ Bank job/ Primary along with all kinds of recruitment tests.
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