Developing of Ruka-Kuusamo's Traveller's Map
We want to develop Ruka-Kuusamo's Summer Traveller's Map. You can help us by answering to this short survey.
Thank you for your feedback!

You can explore to Traveller's map also on the website:

Functionality of Traveller's Map in general *
I don't know
Size of Traveller's Map folded
Size of Traveller's Map opened
The brochure in general
How do the map and the terrain match each other?
Functionality of the content the Traveller's Map *
I don't know
Ruka's village map with services
Ruka's area map with route information
Map of Kuusamo centre with services
Kuusamo's map with route information
Ruka-Kuusamo's weekly program
The bus timetables
All feedback and development ideas regarding the Traveller's Map are highly appreciated.
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