Directed Registration for Otherworld 2023
Otherworld 2023 is scheduled to return June 8th to 12th, and we are excited to learn all about your project, whether it is...
  • Art!
  • Sound stage!
  • Theme camp!
  • Activities!
  • Mobile or roving art! 
  • Mutant Vehicles!
  • ... something else?! 
Completing this Directed Registration indicates to Otherworld that you will be bringing your project to Otherworld this year. This is not an application; it is your registration! 

Thank you for completing the full registration below; we are looking forward to seeing you at Otherworld 2023. 

The information you provide in this form helps the various Otherworld Leads to confirm the details relevant to your project in case you require further Otherworld support - like Placement, inclusion in the WWW, Fire Safety, Structural Safety, DMV (mutant vehicles), Greeter Shifts, or any special accommodations.  If your project requires this type of support, you will hear from the relevant Lead via email. 

The FAQ is at the bottom of this form. Please start there if you have questions. If you have further questions, please contact us at 


If you're contributing something that doesn't quite fit into one of the categories provided, please let us know! We want to work with you to make it possible, even if it's literally a roving fire catapult for sharks.

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Email *
What is your first and last name? *
What is the name of your Project/Art installation/Theme Camp/Activity? *
Project Co-Lead First & Last Name
Co-Lead Email
What are you Registering?  *
Each Directed Registration can only be for one project: so you would submit one Registration per art installation and one Registration for your theme camp. For example: The Empress project would submit 2 Registrations, one for the Tea Service Theme Camp, and another one for Lucifer, the Flaming Lamp Post.
Describe your project, briefly *
Does your project include fire effects? *
Fire Safety will reach out. Fire effects must be coordinated with the Fire Safety Team.
Does your project require structural inspection? *
Let us know if your project will involve a structure that would endanger someone if it collapsed, has instability, or that is intended to be climbable.
Amplified Sound & Large PA Systems
Important note: 

Due to noise restrictions on the site, we have limited sites suitable for late night high-volume sound.

There is space for day stages and stages that run until midnight. There are a few spaces for stages that run until 2 AM, and very few spaces that can run until 6 AM.

This includes mutant vehicles that plan to have loud sound.
Are you loud?
Clear selection
Loud Sound: What time would you like to start?
Loud Sound: What time would you stop?
Does your project have any other element that could pose a safety concern? Briefly describe, if so. *
For example: has uncovered sharps, is literally an angle grinder strapped to a chain, involves a trebuchet, plans to be a swimming pool.
Kindle Arts Memberships and Directed Tickets
The next question asks about Directed Tickets required for your project.  

Those eligible for Directed Tickets include: 
-  project lead and co-lead 
-  project's setup & tear down crew,
-  participants with volunteer shifts at the camp, including performers
-  everyone who contributed substantial time to the project

All of these volunteers are part of production and actively earning membership hours, so the are eligible to have a Directed Ticket reserved in their name for this year, and qualify for early entry if needed.

Please keep in mind that some of your team may already have a Directed Ticket reserved for them. These are: 
-  Kindle Arts Members
-  All Gate Crew, every Ranger, all Leads in the Production departments
-  Every named individual in the Production org chart
-  Various volunteer teams

To understand more about Kindle Arts Membership:  
How many Directed Tickets should we set aside for you and your team?
Take an approximate guess, we can always chat about exact numbers later.
The Placement team reserves space for Theme & Support Camps and Art Projects. Completing this Directed Registration form does not guarantee a placed spot, but it guarantees you Directed Tickets as explained above. 

If you want to be guaranteed Placement with space to set up a specific project, you should note that on the next question and look out for an email from the Placement team. 


The Placement team is anticipating that for Otherworld 2023, there will be more sound camps and theme camps applying for Placement than the site will be able to accommodate.

This represents a significant cultural shift for the event: in previous years, all projects requesting Placement have received it.

Camp organizers should familiarize themselves with the Burning Man Camp Placement Criteria, which Otherworld Placement Criteria will be based off.

There will be more detail to come from the Placement team in the coming weeks.
Do you require Placement? *
If you select YES the Placement team will follow up with you. Sound Stages will always require Placement.

We anticipate having more applicants for Placement than there is space available in 2023, so keep an eye out for communication from the Placement team. 
What happens if I don't get Placement as a camp?
There's a finite amount of land that will form the central portion of the event and, anticipating more applications than space, there will be a criteria & framework for Placement selection. As a regional, this framework will be based off the Burning Man Criteria for Placement

There are limited 2 AM sound stage spots and very limited 6 AM sound stage spots.

You can bring your project/camp even if it is not placed. There is ample space in the lower field for unplaced or informal camps.

The lower field is a distance from the central areas of the event. You'll have to follow the posted sound policy in the area you set up in and work with your neighbours; the lower field is unsuitable for late night sound stages operating past midnight.
Would you like us to reach out to you for taking on a joint greeter shift or other volunteer opportunities?
It's okay if you have your hands full already... Joint greeter shifts can be a fun party time!
Clear selection
Are you interested in collaboration with other projects?
Would you like us to avoid mentioning your project? *
We encourage Directed Registration of all projects - but we know that some folks like to create surprises and to facilitate spontaneous moments!

If you'd like to avoid publicizing your project and have it excluded from the WWW, please let us know here. 
Kindle Arts and Otherworld - A Short Primer
For Registrants unfamiliar, Kindle Arts Society is a non-profit society that runs the Otherworld event, a regional Burning Man event.

We can be reached at for other questions.

The purpose of Kindle Arts Society is to nurture creativity in everyone and to help kindle it into a fire of artistic self-expression.

Anyone new to the event or unfamiliar with the Kindle Arts Society should read the Society's Constitution, as well as the 10 Principles of Burning Man.

Otherworld is not a commercialized event. Goods and services cannot be sold from art projects or theme camps, and there is no vending. (The exception to this, for health and safety reasons is ice, which will be for sale at cost during the event from a designated fridge.)

Acculturation is a joint activity all members can participate in.

We look forward to seeing you in June!
The final "submit" button to complete Directed Registration is at the bottom of this page; please do read through the FAQ before submitting this form. 
Frequently Asked Questions

Who should fill out this Registration form?

Anyone bringing art or camps, to ensure they have tickets set aside for them and that we have a way to reach them for fire safety, Placement and other purposes. You can let us know if anything changes in your plans by updating this Directed Registration form after you've submitted it. 

Are there Directed Tickets for production volunteers?

You bet! If you're on the Production org chart or are volunteering for a department, you have a Directed Ticket you can purchase. Your team lead will contact you to make sure you get your Directed Ticket prior to tickets going on sale.

I volunteered last year but can't this year, are there tickets reserved for me?

Yes, everyone who volunteered last year has a Directed Ticket reserved for them in their name.

Who do I contact about Placement? is who you should email for Placement.

Directed Ticket sale when? Public Sale when?

Ticket sales dates for both Directed Tickets and Public Sale will be announced on the Kindle Website, in email, and on social channels - so if you are not currently on the mailing list or 'following' on social media, please do so! In 2022, tickets went on sale in April. 

Do I have to fill out this form if I want to bring art?

"Art" is a broad project type, so let's clarify a bit more: Art that involves fire, or is climbable, or is oversized etc - anything with safety concerns - will need to be registered so yes, this form is required. 

If you don't care about or require Directed Tickets, and you don't want to be in the WWW (Where - What - When Guide, the information shared with all attendees), and are okay with not having a specific place set aside for your art, then you could skip this Directed Registration form. Rogue art is welcome at Otherworld, just have a plan to leave things cleaner than you found them. Leave no trace!

Are you absolutely certain I can't sell stuff?

Yes. Otherworld is a de-commodified event. There is no vending. Part of the experience is having a time where no one is trying to sell you anything.

Can I bring art if this is my first time coming?

Of course! We recommend speaking with friends that have gone before to a Burning Man event that has the 10 Principles, and learning about how this community works. If you're new with no network, let us know if you want extra advice by reaching out to our email:

What is the difference between the art categories?

Art installations are a structure, and at least somebody considers it art. It is often but not always unattended. It often requires Placement.

Theme camps are themed zones, that may sometimes contain other art, open to attendees and managed/staffed/run by members of the camp. Bars and chill spaces are often theme camps.

A Loud Sound Zone is any zone, including a stage or theme zone, that consistently runs powered speakers greater than 200 watts, or that consistently produces loud sound above 90 dB at 50' feet from the source. e.g, a snowmobile planted nose first in the earth and left running qualifies. If it can't be heard at a modest distance, it qualifies as an art installation or theme camp.

Mobile art is art you intend to be mobile and on the move - and does not require Placement, because it would just walk away anyway.

A Mutant Vehicle is an artistically intriguing, sufficiently altered mobile art, heavier than a human being, mobile under its own power or the power of another vehicle. For comparison: an electric tricycle is not a Mutant Vehicle. But an electric tricycle stripped to chassis and given a resin-cast body in the image of a stapler is a Mutant Vehicle.

An Activity is a scheduled event you plan to host open to attendees, and you want us to know about it - either to disclose safety items, or for getting info about adding it to the WWW (Where - What - When Guide) when that form is released.

What if my art is adults only?

It's still welcome here. Mark your contribution on this form in a way that feels appropriate to you.

Why are there limitations on sound volume?

The venue that Otherworld takes place at has rules about how loud and how late sound can go due to their zoning and agreements with neighbours. In different areas, loud sound limits vary: 
- End by midnight
- End by 2 AM
- End by 6 AM

Additionally, there are directions in which we cannot point our speakers, and maximum Db limits in all areas, and some areas that will be designated as quiet zones to very quiet zones.

Can I keep running past the posted sound time?

If your large sound apparatus is offline, yes. 

I want to play mood music, is it "loud sound"?

If you cannot hear it when you leave your camp, it's not loud sound. Small portable speakers drop off in volume pretty quickly.

Kindle Arts? Otherworld? What? 

For Registrants unfamiliar, Kindle Arts Society is a non-profit society that runs the Otherworld event, a regional Burning Man event (not a festival).  The purpose of Kindle Arts Society is to nurture creativity in everyone and to help kindle it into a fire of artistic self-expression.  Anyone new to the event or unfamiliar with the Kindle Arts Society should read the Society's Constitution, as well as the 10 Principles of Burning ManOtherworld is not a commercialized event. Goods and services cannot be sold from art projects or theme camps, and there is no vending. (The exception to this, for health and safety reasons is ice, which will be for sale at cost during the event from a designated fridge.).  Acculturation is a joint activity all members can participate in.

We can be reached at for other questions.

Have further questions? 

Please email us at so we can add to this FAQ. 

We want to create a great experience for everyone, and we can do that best with as much time to plan as possible knowing what to expect, so please get in touch and complete this Directed Registration form!
Other Comments or Questions
Anything else to know about your project - or questions you'd like answers to?
Reference Materials (check back for updates)
Any reference materials we can share with you will be uploaded here. Check back to see if there are updates. 
Tentative Sound Guide - not yet official, subject to change!
A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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