"Bellevue Goes to Olympia" Day Registration
Bellevue PTSA Council invites all students, parents, staff and community in BSD to join them for a day of advocacy in Olympia on January 20th for “Bellevue Goes to Olympia” day. Non BSD residents are welcome to ride on bus with us. This day will be an amazing opportunity to bring all of our voices together as one community to relay our priorities regarding education in Bellevue. Please join us!
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17. Bus transportation is suggested for $10 per person for any attendee of any age. The bus will be taking off promptly at 8:00 am from the front of Sammamish High School and returning at 3:00 pm. Bus seating is limited so please reserve as soon as possible. How many seats are you reserving?
18. Please pay through the link to reserve seats. If you can't make a payment successfully, please fill "Waiting List" in "Other" field. We will inform you if any spots available, but not guaranteed. https://squareup.com/store/bellevue-ptsa-council-2-dot-3/
19. Two more sessions will be hosted to introduce the current priority issues submitted by State PTSA and BSD for 2020. The session will help you understand and write a story for the day to Olympia. We encourage all students who are going to present his/her story to legislators to participate the Student Self Advocacy Seminar Session #3 in the following nights.
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Notes: 1)Please provide your own lunch/snacks/drinks for the day or order it through State PTSA Focus Day. 2)Volunteer hours will be provided for students 3)More details will be sent through the email provided above before the event. 4) For questions, please contact Jessica Pan or Lily Yin at advocacy@bellevueptsacouncil.com
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