Caribou Coffee Store Safety Survey
This is anonymous survey being conducted by workers in the Caribou Coffee Company.
Caribou Coffee Corporate has said that they are protecting workers. But it seems like they are protecting their profits. We want to assess the situation in stores now and tell the true story of what is happening to workers in our stores.
Please complete the form below to help us assess the safety of your location.
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Social Distancing
State and Federal government have recommended 6ft social distancing protocols be enacted to protect people from exposure and spread of COVID-19 starting March 18th.
Do you get closer than 6ft to customers or coworkers on a regular basis?
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If yes, about how many people do you interact with at closer than a 6ft distance during your shift?
Is it possible to enact 6ft social distancing in your job right now?  
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Have you observed more than 5 customers at a time in your store (since March 18th)?
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Has your store introduced floor markings to emphasize social distancing?
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If so, do you remember when floor markings were introduced?
Please describe the interactions that bring you in close contact with customers or other team members:
Have you received any specialized training regarding safety protocols related to Covid-19?
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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Protective Measures
Caribou Coffee has claimed to have instated measures to protect workers.
Has management given specific PPE training or communicated about new PPE available to you as a Caribou Coffee employee?
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Does your store have all appropriate cleaning supplies? Hand soap, paper towel, spray sanitizer, cloth towels, etc?
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If no, what are you out of?
Does your store have enough gloves to use during cash transactions? Have you been provided gloves for cash or POS transactions?
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Are you having to ration gloves?
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Did your store receive face masks provided by Caribou Coffee Company?
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Do you have a Plexiglas shield installed between customers and team members?
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Is your shop lobby still open?
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Has your store implemented call ahead and curbside pickup?
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If so, have you been instructed on how to do so?
Health and Benefits
Has anyone at your shop shown or talked about having COVID-19-like symptoms?
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Has there been a confirmed case of COVID-19 in your shop for any team members or managers?
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If yes, who was it? Were precautions taken to protect you and your coworkers?
Have you been made aware by Caribou Coffee representatives of any paid time off available to team members for emergency leave due to COVID-19?
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What city is your store in?
What is your store number? (optional)
Are you being forced, threatened, or coerced to work?
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Do you have any additional comments or concerns?
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