Graniterock Algebra Academy Cal Teach Volunteer Form
UCSC is hosting ~100 8th grade visitors from the Graniterock Algebra Academy next week, on Thursday, March 2nd. This visit provides an opportunity for you to be involved in teaching a lesson for the visiting middle schoolers. The same lesson will be taught three times for three different subgroups of visitors, and the lesson leaders will refine and revise the instruction each time. You can participate in this “modified lesson study” if you sign up. Sessions will be led by UCSC’s Judith Montgomery (a Cal Teach collaborator and teacher professional developer from the Monterey Bay Area Mathematics Project, MBAMP, Cal Teach grad and math teacher Kevin Deutsch, and Cal teach volunteers.

Let us know when you can come on Thursday March 2nd between 10 and 2pm. All volunteers can come to the Cal Teach office to pick up a free Cal Teach tote bag after signing up!

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