The Wanderlust Collection wants you!
My Mum always says, never travel without a 'useful piece of cloth'. If need be, one simple scarf could also function as a towel, blanket or even shelter depending on the adventure at hand. This collection of designs for such useful cloths needs you...

The Wanderlust Collection of scarves is a participatory process inspired by the insatiable desire to know a place like a local, and the adventure and joy in attempting to do so.

It therefore invites you to stoke its fires and spark it's designs through contributing images, words and feelings of where you live to share with others who long to explore.

The design inspired by your place will be shared digitally with you and named after you as a thank you for taking part.

Let's feed our collective wanderlust.
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Where do you live? [The area / town / city / country you would like the design to be about] *
When you think of this place, what do you see? *
When you think of this place, what do you hear? *
When you think of this place, what do you smell? *
When you think of this place, what textures do you touch?
How does this place make you feel?
What kind of colours does this place make you think of? *
Please upload five to ten photos of things a tourist or visitor would not know about your place. This could be anything from a native plant to a favourite cafe, homemade speciality or secret viewpoint. These will form the basis of your pattern and design. *
Please handwrite your favourite answers to any of the above questions or words to be featured in the design. Upload a photo / photos of your handwritten responses in black ink on plain white paper to be featured in the design.
Please complete your email address if you would like to keep in touch about the project. *
Thank you for taking part!
If you have any questions please email or get in touch on Instagram @ellieshipman
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