Jobs in the Native English-Speaking World: Create your CV
Офис академического письма проводит мастер-класс по составлению CV.

Time: 17 00 - 18 30

Are you interested in a job, fellowship, scholarship or study in a native English-speaking country? CV formats don't translate well, and what is correct in one country will disqualify you in another. Learn how to construct a CV that will help you get the interview that will help you get the job. Create a CV based on your credentials, tailored to a specific job posting that you bring with you to this workshop. Discussion will include lots of examples, plus tips on creating structure, uniformity, and information accuracy. General best practices and the ever-important "what not to do" will also be included.

What to bring:
- laptop or other device to create WORD documents
- if you have one, a specific job/scholarship/fellowship position posting
- list of all academic schooling, complete with graduation year, school, address, and degree/certificate/award
- list of all jobs held, complete with years worked at each, company name, and address
- list of hobbies/volunteer activities, where, what, and duration of each

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