Pre-Registration: Tucson Orienteering February 2021
This is the registration page for the Tucson Orienteering events on February 13 through February 15th. Use this form to sign up for any or all of the following:

- FULL! Sat 13th: Catalina State Park short + long advanced courses + all-comers score-o
- Sun 14th: Ironwood Picnic Area short + long advanced courses
- Mon 15th: Box Canyon score-o

Event information is available on the Tucson Orienteering Club website:

Note 1: No payment is required to pre-register. Also, you are under no obligation to attend if you do pre-register. You may pay in advance via PayPal (you'll get an email with info) or by cash/check at the event site(s). See the event page(s) for details.

Note 2: We ask that each participant separately complete this registration form. An accurate count of participation will help us print an accurate number of maps.

Note 3: Please pre-register before Thursday night, February 11, 2021 at 11:59 PM. The pre-registration will close at that time. We need time to print materials for our events.
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