Su 2013 Graduate Nursing Matriculated Students' Preregistration

Dear Students,

We are planning now for summer term 2013 registration beginning April 1, 2013. The online summer term runs from May 28-Aug 22. Please fill in your name and student ID and select only those course numbers that you are requesting to register for this summer. We will enroll you in these selected courses. In this manner you are assured a place in the class. Do not delay in filling out this form. Should you determine you do not want to take a course we have registered you for, you can access WISER and drop the course registration. Pl

Please note you must follow your plan of study; changes to your plan must be approved by Dr. McAllister

If you do not have a program plan or need further advisement, contact our program assistant,

Check your WISER account for classes to confirm your registration has been processed within two weeks after open registration begins for Summer 2013. Make sure that your WISER account shows you as actively matriculated (program plan of NUR-G is visible) and that you have NO HOLDS on your student WISER/UMB account or YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you've completed the ethnicity survey, Immunization - Health Services form, Emergency Contact form, and cleared all Past Due Balances from the previous semester(s). Otherwise, YOU WILL NOT BE REGISTERED. The longer you take to clear the holds, it increases the chance of your NOT getting a seat for the class. We will not be held accountable if a student fails to follow the process above and fails to clear their holds in a timely fashion. We cannot guarantee or hold spots, and you cannot be registered until your issues are cleared.

Students interested in advancing to the DNP program can take two course prior to admission such as Informatics 715 and 760 Biostatiistics offered this summer or an elective course such as NU607 Evidenced based teaching practices or NU620 Dermatology for the APRN offered through Harvard Vanguard NPs in Dermatology.. Students interested in applying to the DNP program should consult the admission requirements.

Find here and save Summer 2013 online Academic Calendar:

The courses being offered are listed below. Fees and information about the course, books and Wimba scheduled meeting times are posted here: Courses:

Blackboard Student Help:

Courses are offered in Blackboard Learn:

NU614 - Advanced Pathophysiology

NU615 - Advanced Health Assessment (requires clinical - prerequisite or concurrently enrolled - NU634)

NU618 - Health Policy, Finance, Ethics

NU620 - Primary Care Dermatology (Lecture)

NU631 - The Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse (prerequisite or concurrently enrolled - NU615)

NU634 - Advanced Pharmacology (prerequisite or concurrently enrolled - NU614)

NU637 - Mental and Psychosocial Health of the Urban Family

NU671 Primray Care of the adult older adult

NU672 - Primary Care of Adults/Older Adults: Practicum III provide clinical information here:save this link

Nu639- Primary Care of Adults

NU680 - Primary Care of the Family: Adult Gero clinical Practicum II Providr clinical information here:save this link:

NU681 - Primary Care of the Childbearing Family

NU682 - Primary Care of the Family: Practicum III provide clinical information here:save this link

NU715 Informatics

NU760 Biostatistics

NU607 Evidenced based teaching practices


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