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Dear Liberal friends,

We are hereby happy to present to you our LYMEC Alumni Network. This network brings together former young European liberals who used to be actively engaged in LYMEC and its activities. The goal of the network is twofold. On one hand, it gives an opportunity to its members to gather, meet and discuss Europe, global affairs and politics in general through a selected range of activities both modeled on and in support of the broader LYMEC portfolio. On the other hand, the network enables its members to stay connected and in touch with the liberal family they built in their LYMEC times, across generations.

LYMEC Alumni Network welcomes all former members of LYMEC who used to participate in the activities of the organisation on all levels, from IMS, MO delegates to former LYMEC leadership. We are also open to individuals close to LYMEC and the ideas and principles it stands for.

In order to join the network, the defined yearly membership fee is 35 EUR/year.

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