Walworth Community Programs Game Guild
Walworth Community Programs wants YOU to be a part of our Game Guild. Community Programs will purchase enough games for each family to borrow one game per week at no cost to you (the game will remain property of Community Programs).

Here is how it would work:
*Each family who participates would get one board game per week.
*You have one week to play the game (as many times as you like) before having to drop the game off at the next family.
*Each family would commit to creating a video or a post with a photo about the game (providing an explanation and rating).
*Each week the game is swapped with a new game.
*If your family likes one of the games you are trying, there would be an option to purchase the game from our guild.

Some sample games include:
Ice Cool
Forbidden Island
Forbidden Desert
Happy Salmon
Dinosaur Tea Party
Fairy Tile
Aladdin and the Magic Lamp
Clip Cut Parks

Once interest is gathered, we will move forward. Please respond to this form by Friday, May 8th.
Our family would be interested in participating in the Walworth Community Programs Game Guild. *
If interested in participating, please provide your family's name and an email so we can contact you.
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