We Are Here: JFREJ Membership Campaign 2019
Thank you for taking part in our membership campaign!
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Thank you for being a part of We Are Here, the 2019 JFREJ Membership Campaign!
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We have an ambitious goal to bring in 180 new members into our community, and there are a few different ways to join in! We have many resources and graphics to help you reach your goals. Fill out the options below to tell us how you would like to participate.
I will become a dues-paying member! Standard membership starts at $5/month or $36/year, and can be paid online at bit.ly/WeAreHere2019. *
Attend a phone bank! Making calls together to connect with lapsed members and call potential new members! There will be support, laughter, and snacks.
Lift up We Are Here on Social Media!
Email friends and family! (We have sample emails for you to use)
Create a Membership Recruitment Page (different from Facebook) with JFREJ, set a goal, and make it happen!
My goal for the total number of members I will recruit is:
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Thank you so much for committing to build power with us! We will do everything we can to help you succeed. And whether you're brand new or a long-time member, all we're looking for is your passion and willingness to be a part of this exciting campaign!
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