"Angel" Summer Course 2020 暑期舞蹈課程 2020
暑期芭蕾舞班 歡迎三至五歲的小朋友報名參加
Summer Ballet school for children age 3-5
Students Name 學生姓名 ( same as HKID card, we will use it for printing the certificate)( 同香港身分證一樣, 將來會套用於證書上) *
Students age 學生年齡 *
Parents Name 家長姓名 *
Parents Phone Numbers 家長電話號碼 *
Parents Email 家長電郵地址 *
Course Date 課程日期? *
Where have you heard of the summer course? 你在哪裏接收到有關課程的消息? *
If have, the name of the kid/friend/sister who applied the summer course together. 一起報讀暑期課程的學生/朋友/姊妹的名字
Will you watch children's performance during the last day of the summer course? 會否出席暑期班最後一日舉行的表演課? *
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