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Welcome to MotMot Coffee and our new Brand Ambassador Campaign!

MotMot Coffee is a student-created, student-run nonprofit whose main goal is to give back to the farmers that we sourced from, and provide a thriving environment for their farms, families, and livelihoods! As a company, we put our consumer, community, and environment above all else.

When you get your hands on our direct trade, ethically sourced coffee, open it, and take a whiff. Brew it and enjoy an experience different from any other. Know that your proceeds go towards an impactful future not only for you but for the world.

The goal behind our brand ambassador program is to build a community of coffee-lovers on the Seattle University campus and the local area. Join us and learn more about our mission and coffee, stay caffeinated!

- Personalized 10% off discount code for our website. (If this code is shared, your membership in our program will be terminated)
- A 5% referral code for your friends & family.
- Escalating rewards at different levels of the program (detailed later).

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