Work Study Application for Supreme Peace Yoga Teacher Training.
At Supreme Peace we are dedicated to making Yoga and Yoga Teacher Training accessible to dedicated individuals with a passion for learning.

Our Work Study program is designed with three purposes in mind:
1. To offer you a financial break on the cost of the teacher training program;
2. To offer you a look at some of the background work it takes to run a studio; and
3. To create even stronger services at Supreme Peace because of an exchange with you and your unique qualities and experiences.

Once you have submitted your application, someone will contact you within a week to set up an interview. If you do not hear from someone within a week, please feel free to email to discuss the next steps.

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I have the passion, desire, and time to dedicate 2-3 hours a week (for the duration of the training) for up to a 33% discount on the training. *
During my work study, I am interested in, and willing to, complete the following tasks that it takes to run a successful yoga studio. (Select all that apply) *
To Qualify for Work Study I verify that I meet the following qualifications (please select all that apply). *
Before submitting your application:
Please submit your deposit and application PRIOR to submitting your Work Study Application--this is one of the ways that we ensure we are working with serious applicants. Your application will not be considered unless we have these pieces of information first. You can submit your deposit here:

If you have not done so, click here for the deposit and application links:

After the interview, if we agree the Work Study and the Teacher Training is not a good option for you, we will gladly refund your deposit.

We will be in touch within a week to set up your interview. Thank you!

A copy of your responses will be emailed to the address you provided.
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