AnimusMC Staff Application
Thank you for taking an interest in becoming a member of the AnimusMc staff team! We always look for motivated and highly capable individuals to join us. Please take some time to look through and respond to the following question carefully.
What is your Minecraft username? *
What is your Discord username and #? *
Do you have access to a working microphone? *
What time zone are you in? *
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How old are you? *
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How long have you been playing on AnimusMC? *
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Do you have any previous staff experience? If so please state the server name, highest player count and what your position was. If you do not have previous staff experience please leave this section blank. *
What is the reason you are no longer staff on the server(s) stated above? *
Are you currently staff on any other server? *
On average how much time can you dedicate to the server? *
Why did you decide to apply to join the AnimusMC staff team? What motivated you to apply the most? *
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Why should we pick you to become staff on AnimusMC? *
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