Need-Based Gender Affirming Undergarment Giveaway by Creepy Kawaii
Each year for Pride Month I, a Queer Creator, like to donate a portion of my June profits to an LGBTAQ+ charity that's important to me. In 2022, I'm going bigger by donating a portion of my June ONLINE sales so I can provide binders and tucking undergarments for American Trans Teens/Young Adults in need.

This form is for those that are IN-NEED, and would like to apply to be randomly selected from this list after submissions close. Please make sure you read all the details below before applying, as failure to do so could result in disqualification.

Are you here because you want to share this form? Maybe you would like to find out how you can help me raise funds to purchase more gender affirming undergarments for young folx in need? Visit and check out my 2022 Pride Collection. 100% of the ONLINE Net Profits from ALL pride items listed on the Pride Page will go towards raising funds for the need-based gender affirming undergarment giveaway! In addition to that, 20% of all non-Pride related item ONLINE sales in June will also go towards raising funds for the giveaway. If you would like to donate to the giveaway without purchasing anything, contact me at

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This need-based giveaway is centered towards teens and young adults, so I will only accept submissions from folx in-need ages 13-20. Parents will be able to submit a request for their teen if they can not do so themselves.

Not everyone on this list will receive a gender affirming undergarment. I will only be able to purchase and mail out enough based on the funds I raise in June 2022. This could be anywhere between 10-100 undergarments, I have no way of knowing. Please don't let that discourage you from applying though!

Please be honest on this form and ONLY submit if you are truly in need.

Open to U.S. Citizens only.

Applicants will initially be RANDOMLY selected from the list, then I will go over answers to make sure they are a right fit for the giveaway.

If you are selected from this list you will be emailed from requesting additional mailing information. Please make sure your email is correct, and do not use a private domain or school email (those applications will instantly be disqualified).

Items will be mailed in an opaque white poly shipping bag, and will have my Creepy Kawaii mailing address on the label, as well as the person’s provided mailing details. No other identifying marks, stickers, or labels will be on the package due to safety reasons. If you are concerned for safety that someone in your household may open the package and cause you harm, please consider a friend's address or someone else close to you that you can trust.
Have you completely read the above details? *
Do you live in the U.S.? *
Do you identify as Transgender or under the Transgender Umbrella? *
If No
If you answered No to the questions above, please do not continue. This giveaway is only for those that live in the U.S. and identify as Transgender or under the Transgender Umbrella (Non-Binary, Genderfluid, Genderqueer, Gender Non-Conforming, and any other Non-Cis identity). Answers with No will be removed from the list.
How old are you / is your teen? *
Are you currently unable to afford a gender affirming undergarment of your own? *
What type of gender affirming undergarment are you requesting? *
If you had a color option, which may or may not be available, which would you choose? *
What size will you / your teen need? *
Have you measured yourself to get the most accurate size? Undergarments will not be able to be returned / exchanged under any circumstances. Handy measuring guides can be found at or *
In 500 characters or less, please tell me why you are applying and what this gender affirming undergarment would mean for you / your teen. *
What FIRST name would you like me to use in possible communication? *
Even though I asked for an email above, please re-enter a good email I can reach you at if you were selected for this giveaway. Please double check that it is correct, and do not use any private domain or school addresses. *
Lastly, have you answered this form truthfully, and understand that you may not be selected for the giveaway? *
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