2022-2023 NHI Summer Volunteer Interest Form
For all 2022-23 NHI volunteers to complete in order to be considered for program staff selection for this summer!
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If eligible, do you plan to apply to NHI's next program? *
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Select the NHI Programs you have participated in in the past. *
Great Debate prior to 2020
LDZ prior to 2021
CWS prior to 2021
2020 GDx
2021 GDx
2021 LDZ/LDZx
2021 CWS/CWSx
2022 Great Debate
2022 LDZ/LDZx
2022 CWS
Have you volunteered for NHI programs (local or summer) before? Select all that apply? *
Great Debate - Local Staff
Great Debate - Summer Staff
LDZ/LDZx Junior Counselor
LDZ/LDZx Senior Counselor
CWS Umpire
CWS Senior Mentor
Which programs would you like to volunteer for? *
Check all that you're interested in. If you have never participated in the Great Debate/GDx, you are still eligible to volunteer with a local team and/or region for the Great Debate.
Great Debate - Local (Coach/Trainer)
Great Debate - Local (Mentor/Operations/Other)
Great Debate - Summer (Judge, Tournament Staff, Operations)
Great Debate/GDx - 6-day Head Coach (undergraduates or older)
LDZ Junior Counselor (2022 LDZ/LDZx participants only)
LDZ Senior Counselor (undergraduates or older)
CWS Umpire (12th grade only)
CWS Senior Mentor (undergraduates or older)
Please read and agree to the following terms. *
In order to be considered a candidate to serve in an official NHI volunteer role (local or summer), you must be an active NHI Student Club Member ($50 annual fee) and apply to the next NHI summer leadership program (if eligible). Additional online training will be required. By completing this form, I understand that I am only a candidate and am not an official NHI volunteer yet.
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