9th Grade Course Selection (Class of 2024)
1. This is the course selection for the 2020-2021 school year. All Advanced Placement, Dual Credit and Advanced Electives classes are offered based on eligibility criteria and enrollment. Approval for any course may be based on but not limited to the following criteria: AP committee (for advanced), Prerequisite Classes, teacher endorsement, TSI/SAT/PSAT college readiness scores, AP potential tool, enrollment numbers, and Grade Point Average. Enrollment may not be approved based on any of the criteria that has not been met.
2. Languages Other Than English. Choose the language that you have been previously enrolled in
3. Elective Course: (Please select different courses based on your preference). If you choose the same elective for all choices than you will placed in to a default elective. It is not guaranteed that student will receive the elective that is requested as a first preference on this course selection survey.The master schedule is planned on the basis of student requests, teacher availability, and class size and eligibility. We will do our best to honor student requests if it is possible. All eligibility criteria will be considered.
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