Peckham Digital Open Call 2022
Peckham Digital is a festival celebrating creative computing. We help people of all abilities to create using open source tools, interact with digital artforms and meet in person to expand the creative computing community.

We are currently looking for artists, creative technologists and creative coders to exhibit artworks, present talks and facilitate workshops.


The festival will take place in Peckham Levels, Camberwell College of Art and Holdrons Back Room. All venues are located in and around Peckham, South East London.


The festival will run from Thursday 8th to Sunday 11th September 2022.


We are looking for artworks that celebrate the collaboration between technology and art.

They should be accessible to a general audience.

Artworks should be created wholly or partially using creative computing tools. Examples from our 2021 edition include interactive Kinect-based works, Generative art (Processing, P5.js), GANs, GPT-2 and interactive music based works.

We are looking to expand this diverse range further and showcase a broad range of formats and styles, including interactive and static works.

They will be displayed in a range of areas around Peckham Levels, with space for free standing or screen based works alongside more unusual areas such as ramps that may suit more projection/motion based works.

We are also looking for an immersive artwork to stand by itself in the 14 sqm Holdrons Back Room (


We are looking for workshops that get people creating their own artwork using open source or widely available technology, or provide discrete unique experiences made possible through technology.

We are particularly keen to host workshops where attendees can create artworks that can then be exhibited as part of the festival, whether physically or digitally, or where attendees can be part of a post-workshop performance or showcase.

Workshops should be clearly targeted at an audience experience level:

- beginner (no prior knowledge of technology required)
- intermediate/advanced (prior knowledge required, to be specified in the workshop description)

Workshops will take place in the Auditorium in Peckham Levels and should accommodate between 10 - 40 people (you can specify a cap if you prefer a certain audience size).

We are particularly keen to host a workshop on creating or customising personal robots, followed by an event where attendees can showcase their creations and/or enter them into a race/obstacle course.

Example workshops from our 2021 edition include Intro to Shaders, Generative Music with Sonic Pi and Build A Website.


We are looking for talks around technology and art, developments in the creative computing world and their wider impact.

We are particularly keen host a talk on NFT's, around sustainability and their impact on the digital art world.

Example talks from our 2021 edition include Datasets for Artists and Improving Accessibility using Wearable Tech.


This open call closes on the 30th of June 2022 at 7pm.


This is mandatory if you want us to consider your application.


Any questions please email

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