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The person who gave you this link is applying for a Resident Assistant position at the University of California, Santa Cruz. The Residential Life staff would greatly appreciate your evaluation of this individual.

As a Resident Assistant, this individual will serve in a leadership position to a minimum of 20 students living in an apartment, house-style building, residence hall, or camper style units with responsibilities that include: assisting students with personal/academic challenges, enforcing college and university policies, developing a positive, living/learning community, providing educational and social activities, assisting with emergency protocol, and serving as a liaison between students and the Residential Life staff. The job demands considerable time and energy and requires that a Resident Assistant maintain good academic standing.

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Sensitivity to and Appreciation of Diversity: Comment on the candidate’s ability to relate to persons with differing physical, ethnic, cultural, sexual orientation, religious, etc. backgrounds. *
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Enforcement: RAs must confront and enforce various university/college policies, including alcohol and drugs. Knowing this candidate, are you willing to affirm that the applicant is able to be direct in confronting these violations, as well as adhere to state and federal laws? *
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