JCSD 2019-20 Stakeholders Communications Survey
Please respond to the survey questions below to help us access our current communication protocols. Information from this survey will be used to help us make improvements for the upcoming school year.
How would you rate the district's current communication. *
Which resource is most effective in distributing information? (Select three.) *
Rank your preferred method of communication. *
District website
School newsletters
Apps (Remind, School Status, etc.)
Social Media/Facebook
1st Choice
2nd Choice
3rd Choice
How often do you visit the district's website? *
How often do you visit the individual school webpages? *
Rate the accessibility of the district's website and social media page. *
The platforms are not accessible/difficult to use.
The platforms are accessible and easy to navigate.
Do you have difficulty locating information and resouces on the district's website? *
Overall, which letter grade would you give the district's communication efforts? *
Comments? Suggestions? Email us at jcsdcommunication@jcpsd.net
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