2018 YDG Chapter Credentialing and Charter Status
All chapter leaders are required to submit information regarding Convention credentialing and to verify charter status. You may satisfy both requirements with one submission, or do them separately.

CREDENTIALING lists must include a full list of your chapter's members, including name, address, birth date, phone number, email address, and (if a chapter officer) their date elected. Please upload a spreadsheet containing all of these portions below.

CHARTER STATUS requirements may be satisfied by submitting a membership list that complies with the same requirements as that of credentialing, copies of minutes from a meeting, a governing document, and evidence of notice of a meeting (like a screenshot of a FB event, flier, etc).

In total, to complete BOTH requirements, you need:

- A membership spreadsheet meeting the credentialing requirements described above
- Copies of minutes from a meeting
- A current set of bylaws or a current charter
- Evidence of notice provided of a meeting (held in late 2017 or more recent)

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