Consent Form: Collection and Use of Personal Information
- Personal information including name, alien registration number/passport number, address, phone number (mobile phone), email address, etc. will be collected.

- The information provided will be used to verify the provider’s identity as follows.

① Use for identity verification: name, alien registration number/passport number
② Use for communication and information transfer: name, address, phone number, email address
③ However, we do not collect sensitive personal information that may infringe the basic human rights of the provider. (e.g., ethnicity, ideology, creed, political propensity, and criminal record)

Retention and Use Period of Personal Information

Retention period of the collected personal information starts from the date of personal information submitted. The data will be kept semi-permanent or to the date of deletion request submitted. DMZ International Documentary Film Festival will immediately terminate the information upon the request of deletion in a way that cannot be restored.
Consent to Collection of Personal Information *
Consent to Processing of Unique Identifiable Information
Unique Identifiable Information: Alien Registration Number / Passport Number
Purpose of Collection and Use of Unique Identifiable Information: Identity Verification (to provide the pre-screened list to the authority)
Retention and Use Period of Unique Identifiable Information: After submission, the information will be kept semi-permanent or to the date of deletion request submitted.
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