CougarCS Elections - Spring 2018
Please indicate which position(s) you will be running for. If you sign up for this, YOU WILL BE EXPECTED TO SHOW UP ON ELECTION DAY.

Elections will take place from 5:30-7pm on Thursday, April 26 in PGH 563. If you have a class during that time, and would still like to run for a position, please let one of the current officers know. CougarCS will try to make arrangements for you.

For those of you in Dr. Chang's Game Dev class, if you wish to run for a position, let Chang know. He will provide you a time slot in which you can come and talk. Chang is our Faculty advisor, and works closely with us.

- Be enrolled at the University of Houston as a full time or part time student
- You DO NOT need to be a Computer Science student to run for a position.
- Can be elected for half year (1 semester, fall) or full year (2 semesters fall+spring)

- Must be a Junior or Senior
- Must be able to attend the majority of meetings (This is more of a commitment than a requirement)
- Must maintain position for the full academic year (2 semesters, fall + spring)

- You will be speaking about your desired role(s) (You may use queue cards or some other aid if needed)
- 2-3 minutes max per role.
- Some things to talk about: Why you are suited for this position, what went wrong this year, what you plan to do better, and how you plan to accomplish that.
- You will be asked questions regarding your statements after you are finished
- You must speak for each role you have indicated to run for.
- Once all candidates for every role have spoken, ballots will be distributed. You may vote for yourself. Votes will be tallied and an announcement will be made regarding next year's officers.
- You must be present until ballots are distributed.

There will be food after candidates have finished speaking.

Please email us at if you have questions regarding the roles and would like more information. They are fairly self-descriptive for the most part.

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