Frederick County Needs Assessment - 01/2020
The Birthing Circle is gathering feedback from residents of Frederick County, and those who have or will birth in Frederick County. This information will be compiled into an analysis that will be presented to our TBC Board, as well as local providers, policymakers, and legislators. All names will be kept confidential.

This is the first in a series of surveys to capture as many stories, experiences, and data on our birthing community as we can. There are very few other places capturing this information, but we believe that knowing the full picture of our county is critical for being able to suggest improvements or create change. Please share this link with as many people as you can!

If you have had multiple births in FC, you may complete this survey using one answer for all births (if they were generally the same), or you may complete the form a second time, etc. for each birth. (This is not a requirement)
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Do you live in Frederick County or plan on birthing in FC in 2020, or have you birthed in FC? *
How old are you? *
Are you the primary birthing person in your family, or are you the partner of a birthing person? *
What is the highest level of education you have completed? *
If applicable, how many children do you have? (Not including any current pregnancies) *
What is your relationship status? *
What is your current employment status? *
How would you describe your family's combined income status? *
If you have given birth previously, please select where. *
If you live in Frederick County but chose to birth out of county, please offer a brief explanation.
What is your race?
What is your ethnicity?
What is your gender?
Do you identify as LGBTQ+ and describe your family as LGBTQ+? *
How satisfied were you with your prenatal experiences in Frederick County? *
Completely Dissatisfied
Perfectly Satisfied
How satisfied were you with your labor and birth experience in FC? *
Completely Dissatisfied
Perfectly Satisfied
How satisfied were you with your postpartum experience in FC? *
Completely Dissatisfied
Perfectly Satisfied
Did you have a traumatic birth, prenatal, or postpartum experience in FC? *
Do you primarily use a midwife or an OBGYN for your perinatal care? *
Were you told you were going to have a "big baby," and was that baby over 8 pounds, 14 oz? *
If you birthed at FMH in 2018 or after, do you recall being informed that a routine drug test was being completed on you upon your intake? *
If you have been induced, were you given information on the risks of an induction as compared to the risks of not inducing? *
Do you believe you had adequate resources and options for your prenatal, birth, and postpartum? *
Did you experience any mental health struggles during your pregnancy or postpartum such as PPD, PPA, PPOCD, etc? *
If there were one single thing that could be done to improve birth in FC in 2020, what would you like to see accomplished/ changed/ implemented? *
What do you believe are the greatest needs for our birthing community here in FC? *
Would you like to receive information about ways to connect more to our birthing community and help to improve birth, or updates related to this survey and its implementation? Please also select yes if you would like to help us with additional surveys! (One survey every three months, at a maximum). *
Please check out for full lists of local resources, upcoming events, and information on our doula project!
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