Stained Page News Reader Survey 2020
Hi there! Checking in to see what you'd like to read (or not read) in the newsletter. Thanks for reading Stained Page News.
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How long have you been a SPN subscriber?
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Do you work in food media or cookbook publishing/writing?
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Have you ever purchased a book after reading about it in Stained Page News?
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What are your favorite parts of SPN? Check all that apply.
What parts of SPN do you tend to skip?
Would you be interested in reading any of the following?
What kinds of cookbook subject matters are you interested in? (Check all that apply.)
Are you interested in non-recipe food books, like memoirs, biographies, histories, political texts, etc?
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If you are currently a paid subscriber (pay $5/month or $50/year for Friday issues), how do you feel about the subscriber-only issues you've received?
If you are not a paid subscriber, is there anything that would encourage you to subscribe?
Where else do you hear about cookbooks besides SPN? Other newsletters/websites/podcasts/magazines/newspapers...?
Do you subscribe to other newsletters (about food or anything else)? If so which ones?
Anything else?
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