Sandhya Menon Street Team Questionnaire
Welcome! Firstly, thank you SO much for being interested in joining my street team! I’m so excited to have you here!

I'm creating a street team because I'd love to get to know my most enthusiastic readers, something that’s not really possible on social media for me anymore. I’ll be sharing upcoming story projects and my creative processes, giving you glimpses into my life, sneak peeks into covers, asking for help naming characters or places, etc.

You don’t have to have a certain number of followers or a big web presence in order to join. All I ask is that you’re enthusiastic about my books, boost them, and play nicely with others! :)

Please answer the following questions for me, and please note: Your responses will be shared and used by my team to determine street team eligibility.

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1. Why do you want to join my street team? There are no wrong answers! Just trying to get to know you a bit and what you’re most excited about. *
2. This street team isn’t for a particular book, but rather for readers who are enthusiastic/excited for my work overall. I understand that this might be too nebulous or broad for some readers, so if this won’t work for you, no worries! Please type “yes” if you understand that this street team is for my books/career in general, and you still want to join. *
3. Are you part of any other street teams? Which ones and how many? *
4. As a street team, we'll brainstorm some cool ideas for challenges! Do you have ideas of things you might do to celebrate my books either on social media or in person? Some examples might include: Asking your local library to order my books, recommending my books enthusiastically to your bookish friends when the occasion arises, posting a review as soon as the book comes out, etc. *
5. Do you ever do fan art, fan fic, or playlists for books you really love? If yes, is this something you’d be willing to share with me and let me feature on my website or social media if you did one for my books? *
6. How many of my published books have you read? *
7. Which one of my books is your favorite and why? *
8. The street team is on Instagram, which means you'll have to log in and check the IG feed/stories on that account at least once per week. Please don't sign up unless you think you can commit to this schedule! We really like having an active IG street team. :) Will you be able to log in at least once per week and interact on the IG street team account? *
9. Relatedly, what's your IG handle? *
10. What expectations do you have of this street team? For instance, do you want me to share certain things with you or do certain things (ex., share e-ARCs or ARCs, do a certain number of live sessions per month)? Do you want to do certain things you’ve enjoyed in other street teams or not do certain things? *
Any other thoughts?
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