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We need just a few details before we can give you an accurate quote for your field trip. If you don't know all the answers exactly that's fine too, just do your best.

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Knowing what school you are with helps us determine how far from St. Augustine you are, and if your county has specific regulations for student travel.
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How many students, how many chaperones, and how many teachers do you plan on taking to St. Augustine? This is necessary for estimating how many buses we will need.
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Which dates do you have in mind? This affects availability of programs and flexibility.
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You may know how long you want to spend on your trip, or you may find out after you select all the activities you want to do! Either way, this will help us budget for time. We will include the price of accommodations for overnight trips in our quotes.
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If you have days/ blocks of time be needed to set aside for performances/competitions/scheduled events/etc, please provide as info below
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Theme Parks typically require a full day to enjoy, but there are many half-day activities available in orlando, as well as budget friendly options. See our Orlando Field Trip Page on our website to see which activities fit your curriculum and agenda.
I would like recommendations for special events that may be taking place during our travel dates
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I would like to know about any behind the scenes or special programs available at selected destinations/activities.
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List any Miscellaneous requests, concerns or must-dos here.
In Group Travel, packing lunches can save money, ordering lunches can save time, & going out to eat...is nice.
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