OCN(ACT) Application for Corporate Membership (Form 1C)
The Body Corporate should complete this form to apply for corporate membership. The total corporate membership fee is $20 (annual membership) + $5 (joining fee) + $2/unit.
The application requires nomination by two members of the Executive Committee of the Body Corporate.
Particulars of Nominators and Body Corporate and Payments
Executive member 1 *
Name of 1st Executive Committee Nominator
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Executive member 2 *
Name of 2nd Executive Committee Nominator
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Units Plan *
Owners Corporation Units Plan number
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Units *
Number of units in above Units Plan
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Units class *
Registered class of units - A (strata), B (free standing), A&B (combination of both)
Units Name
Name by which the units are known (otherwise leave blank)
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Location *
Suburb in which Units Plan is located
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Fee *
The amount to be paid is $5 (joining fee) +$20 (per annum) +$2/per unit/per annum)
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Payments *
Please indicate if you have already paid the joining and membership fees or will pay.
Record authority *
Please give the name and address of the person who can provide access to the records for the above units plan.
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Particulars of nominee
Surname/family name *
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Given name *
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Address line 1 *
Street address/PO Box etc
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Address line 2 *
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Postcode *
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Territory or State *
State or Territory of member.
Telephone - home
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Telephone - mobile
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Email address
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Owners Corporation Executive Agreement
Agreement *
The Owners Corporation nominators confirm that the above nominee agrees to be bound by the rules of the association for the time being in force. Please tick the check box below to confirm.
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